I had a 3 day spiritual experience that helped bring me out of a life of addiction and allowed me to heal from a brain injury after a drug overdose.

2022.01.26 18:07 hotpepperman I had a 3 day spiritual experience that helped bring me out of a life of addiction and allowed me to heal from a brain injury after a drug overdose.

About 5 years ago I overdosed on a drug that took everything away from me (it was an opiate receptor-affecting type drug that's used for depression commonly outside of US, not illegal). It seemed to destroy nearly every one of the "motivation/happy" brain chemicals and hormones (serotonin, dopamine, endorphin, norepinephrine etc) in a permanent way. One day I was living an energetic passionate life full of joy and excitement, and the next day I was like a living zombie scraping by just to survive. In fact being a zombie would've have been better, to be able to be numb from the pain that now filled my daily life.   The night of the overdose (I took one capsule full of this stuff, seemingly a small amount) and it began with having a splitting 4 hour headache. The next day, and from that moment forward, I could no longer feel pleasure or motivation anymore. Healthy forms of pleasure such as food, exercise, nutrition, supplements, or music did nothing. Even attempting to feel good from taking drugs or drinking put me in a spiraling pit of worse feeling to worse feeling. For instance the caffeine from a cup of coffee put me in a state of feeling tired, sluggish and terrible. I'd start yawning, could not focus and everything became painfully difficult. Even moving the body level difficult. It was just a "wait it out" type thing until I could just get back to minimally functioning again. It was as though anything that would normally give a boost to the happy chemicals in the brain now had the extreme opposite effect, giving a flood of pain chemicals. This was compounded on top of the constant state of pain and that I was now living from. I share these examples to describe the new state of my life caused by this brain injury, not for sympathy. There was no more "feel good" in my life, from anything at anytime. I was in a perpetual pit of pain with no way out.   Medically, I went to a renowned brain doctor, got a thorough brain chemical and hormone test, and the results were as I expected, with the chemicals being way off in all directions. I was prescribed prescription quality amino acids (that crossed the blood brain barrier) and key supplements to aid the brain and body (omegas, vitamin C, magnesium etc). Because of the level of injury (I assume) this avenue made everything worse, resulting in severe anxiety and even greater levels of pain. Once again, my brain seemed to now function in a "reverse way". Things that would normally increase the pleasure chemicals in my body now had the opposite effect. These pursuits for help and healing went on for close to a year and things seemingly continued to only get worse. Things began to reach a new low as hopelessness now entered into the picture. I started to believe I could not be fixed and this would now be my life. I began to cry out to God to take me away as I had nothing left to offer, nowhere else to turn, and was in regular state of agony that I could not find relief from.   A little spiritual backstory, I grew up a Christian but was living in the world and most of my life was just going through the motions as I never had a real experience with God and nothing that I would consider as a spiritual experience. But this "comfortable Christianity' changed after that brain injury put me in pure desperation. I was on my last hope in life as I could no longer fix myself and was totally broken and helpless. I had dug a hole that was too great for me to climb out of and was desperate for real lasting change in every area of my life. One night I surrendered and cried out to God to set me free and bring real change and to truly encounter Him as I was out of options and felt I was on the road to death. Some time later after that prayer I encountered the Holy Spirit, an answered prayer that changed my life forever. For one I knew nothing about the Holy Spirit as most all of the church's I had gone to before then didn't allow (as far as I could tell) the Holy Spirit to "move" in church this way. I was prayed for while at a church service to receive the Holy Spirit and fell down onto the ground from a strong spiritual experience. What happened next was beyond me. For the next three days I was in a state of complete peace and ecstacy where all I could do was spend time with God and worship him. I now understand this to be the "infilling of the Holy Spirit". It was the first time I had this type of a true fulfillment and peace that nothing in the world had ever offered me. Not only relief from the pain but overwhelming peace and pleasure. Every single thing in my life changed after that.   For one the effects of the brain injury took a huge shift. It was as though a "switch" was flipped and healing could begin to take place. I could begin to function more normally, had increasingly consistent moments of peace and pleasure, and overall the generalized state of pain was lifted. I could have a cup of coffee again. The impact in the rest of my life was also notable. I used to have a library of self-help books to try to better myself and no longer needed any of it as God was revealing things to me in the spirit realm that resulted in what was happening in my life in the natural realm. I used to try to force knowledge and understanding through work, memorization and effort, and now it began to flow effortlessly from a place of revelation. Old habits, addictions and bondages I had faded away. Anxiety disappeared. Needing to control everything in my life left. I discovered that God uses the Holy Spirit to fulfill much of His will on earth, including bringing revelation to and relationship with His children. I found the good news, that God has made a way for me not just to get to heaven, but to bring heaven down to earth, and it began with what God did inside of me. It began with Jesus, Who is described as "The Way, the Truth, and the Life". He's not a religion or a bunch of rules to control you and live in some religious fantasy. Jesus is real and He saved me from a hopeless pit of death.   Receive the truth found here in the Gospel of Jesus. This has the power to save and bring fulfillment, truth, wisdom, and life changing revelation that can be found nowhere else. In the beginning of time God created man in His image and in union with Him. We were perfectly satisfied in Gods presence. But then man wanted to be like God and in doing so sinned and was separated from God. We left the perfect presence of God and ever since humans have been trying to fill this God-sized hole in their heart with anything that will satisfy. Things like money, career, sex, drugs, entertainment, power, influence, control, status etc. But nothing will satisfy the human heart no matter how much it gets, and there's nothing can that can save our soul from our sin.   But God had a plan to reconnect us back with Him, to satisfy our heart and to save our soul. He sent His only son Jesus to die for us. Why did Jesus have to die? The bible says "the price of sin is death". That means even one of our sins is enough to separate us from God forever, which is the final death. But God wants to be in relationship with us so He paid the highest price by giving us His only son Jesus to be a sacrifice on our behalf. 2,000 years ago Jesus went and hung on a cross and died as though He was the worst sinner even though He never sinned. Then three days later God rose Him from the dead and today He is alive. Through Jesus's sacrifice He made a way for us to get back to God. Jesus says "I am The Way, The Truth, and The Life and no one comes to the Father (in heaven) except through Me".   Without Jesus there is no way to have eternal life. When we die it is our unforgiven sin that will separate us from God forever and we will spend our eternity in a terrible place called hell. But there's Good News, the price for our sin has already been paid for. The way to God in heaven has been made. The free gift of eternal life is here right now through Jesus Christ. The choice is ours to receive it.   If you believe in Jesus and call on His Name you shall be saved. Repenting means to turn away from sin and to turn towards Jesus. It's a conscious choice to leave our old life of sin and to allow God into our life. I believe this is what happened to me the day I truly cried out to God from my pit of death. I chose to turn away from my old life and towards God, and He responded. God will help you from there. Ask God for forgiveness of your sins and ask Jesus to come into your life and be your Lord and Savior. Ask His Holy Spirit to come and live inside of you. Everything will change.   Things that will help you grow spiritually are to most importantly spend time alone with Jesus. It's a real relationship. Read the bible, it's His living Word. Get around a body of other believers like at a Christian church. God will work through other people and they will help you grow. God will break you free from old bondages and addictions and bring true healing to your body and to your heart. God brings us into a new life that we could never create on our own. He makes us into a new creation. It happened to me and it will happen to you. God bless you.
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2022.01.26 18:07 Crowbarella Hypothesis: Seedling Spawns, flowers, scanning

My current hypothesis on how seedlings and expeditions are spawned/detected is that they spawn like other items in niantic games, but the range for detecting them is really small. When using the scanner tool, its not that these seedlings CAN spawn there, but they are currently spawned there. That's why you sometimes get a good type pop up on the scamner, then have nothing but roadside at the same location later. This would suggest that you will get a random 2-4 expeditions when scanning, and not all within range.
Suggested experiment: when having multiple scans available ata a given time (from coins), run multiple scans without moving and see if the list decreases. Possible false positives could be caused by gps drift.
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2022.01.26 18:07 rochestermccoy What else combined with A1 for a more versatile sauce?

Hello, I’m trying to make a versatile sauce using A1 sauce as the base. I’m thinking honey, soy sauce, garlic and maybe balsamic or apple cider vin? Thoughts, changes?
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2022.01.26 18:07 R4Z0RJ4CK On the ferry in nyc

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2022.01.26 18:07 madfox1200 5 weeks in. Should I top this plant?

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2022.01.26 18:07 sverigesNudes_Nu säljer 50 kr dropbox om du har chansen får du dropbox+ 40-50 bilder för endas 50 kr så kontakta mig så fixar vi tack!

säljer 50 kr dropbox om du har chansen får du dropbox+ 40-50 bilder för endas 50 kr så kontakta mig så fixar vi tack!
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2022.01.26 18:07 ThatDaveiscool I made this out of boredom.

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2022.01.26 18:07 TronicBoy OBS Superuser Course: Master Open Broadcaster Software

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2022.01.26 18:07 modernloneliness22 Am I a fraud? Hetero situationship while dealing with a wave of disdain for men and straight relationship power dynamics

I identify as bisexual/queer I guess, I don’t know how strongly I feel about using labels but I guess that explains my identity to the best right now. I am a 20yr old woman, I have only dated men and have never had any romantic/sexual interaction with women. I started to realize fully I was bi about a year ago, so it is still something new to navigate for me.
Lately I have been feeling like a fraud. I feel like I am abandoning my values in relationships/not aligning with what I feel like right now and it’s just making me really confused and upset and uncomfortable being around my own self if that makes sense.
I have been in a situationship with a guy for a few months, basically dating without a label, and we were best friends beforehand for like 6 months, and are in the same friend group so we spend a lot of time together and it feels like he is my boyfriend.
However, lately I have been listening to a lot of podcasts, reading articles, and just overall thinking about comp het, power dynamics in hetero relationships, dynamics in straight sex, patriarchy, the male gaze, toxic masculinity, and just how masculinized he is and unaware of all of this stuff. He is not socially competent in most issues, but especially anything involving queerness. I can tell he really really really likes me, and I do feel the same. We have a great connection, stronger than I have had in any past relationship/situationship, and our sexual connection is also super strong. The past few months of basically dating has gone really well and I was feeling pretty secure about it, albeit we do know we will have to end things at the beginning of summer because he is graduating college and moving to another state across the country. So there is sort of an expiration date so that is why we decided to not actually start dating, even though we practically are.
However, the past week I have kind of been in a mental frenzy feeling like all of this stuff I have been thinking about is turning me off from men right now, and straight sex / hetero relationships. Not that there is anything wrong with them, and not that I won’t ever be involved in them down the line, but I am starting to understand with more clarity the oppressive systems they uphold and reinforce especially because of the way men view women and my role in the relationship. It feels like men view women for what service they can provide the men, for what they function as to them, and not for who they actually are. Many men fear and resent women for exhibiting those stereotypically feminine qualities that they repress in themselves (crying, being sensitive/empathetic, nurturing etc) and respond to this suppression with hyper-masculinity. I see this dynamic play out in my situation in very subtle ways. It’s not that he outwardly resents and hates me or women, but it’s a socialized response to women and he is a man so he is part of it. He is not aware of it but that doesn’t mean it’s not affecting me/catching my attention. For example in a group with a few other guys I will say something and will be ignored or they won’t be interested in what I have to say, and they will continue on talking about a basketball game or something and just negate my existence. I really fucking hate that and I am just tired of being around men. Right now I feel like I am growing more and more everyday into my queer self or just my self, and that version of myself doesn’t want to reap the energy and consequences of a heterosexual relationship. Is that wrong?
I keep telling myself I shouldn’t think so deeply about it, and that if I like him and we have a great bond I should just continue it and enjoy what I have right now in front of me, but the other parts of me feels like this relationship is just stalling me from developing into my highest self, and honestly right now I am way more interested in exploring relationships with women, or not exploring relationships at all. How can I create the space and mindset to do that when I found myself stuck in a relationship that I know will end in 5-6 months? Should I stick it out and see what happens and acknowledge these feelings as just an internal emotional struggle that comes with being bisexual and queer? Or by staying in this situationship am I abandoning my own values and the love I know I deserve? Am I fraud for doing so? Would breaking things off cause more emotional damage than just staying in things and knowing once it ends I can finally explore my values and preferred relationship style? Is this just a phase of being turned off by men? Will it go away? Am I obligated to explain any of this to him? I just feel so confused and inauthentic.
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2022.01.26 18:07 Yokosenpai I hate to ask.. but does anyone have a spare zacian code for shield?

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2022.01.26 18:07 Frangellica [LF] Garden Chair and Garden Table [FT] Your wishlist

Will trade as much as your wishlist as I can
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2022.01.26 18:07 wings31 Got an email - Guns N Roses Hard Skools CD/Cassettes/ Vinyl are shipping!

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2022.01.26 18:07 internalocean US Muslim advocates weigh in on abortion rights battle

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2022.01.26 18:07 icefirebear which chapter is getting drunk with lenny scene?

so, last time i played rdr 2 i was on getting drunk with lenny mission, after some time i didnt have much time to play the game and deleted it since i needed space. now i want to do it again since i have break from school. is there any way i can get back to that mission again, without completing missions before that?
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2022.01.26 18:07 ziggycane Getting a second dog while pregnant? Am I crazy?

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but here goes, any help would be so appreciated!
So, I have one dog who I am seriously crazy about. I love him so much that I genuinely can't fathom when people say that I'll love my baby more because I feel like I am already at my full capacity to love with him. We are very attached to each other and he is used to cuddling with me everyday, sleeping next to me, long walks and playing. I'm really worried about him adjusting to the baby and getting less attention. He's a playful and energetic dog and it breaks my heart thinking of him being lonely and bored.
I've considered getting a second dog for a few years but I've been weirdly selfish about not wanting to do anything to hurt our bond with each other, but now I feel like it would be a good time because I'll need to be giving my baby all the attention I can, and a second dog can be a companion for my first so he's not so left out. My husband thinks this is a bad idea, not that he's against having more than one pet, but he thinks it's a stressful time to add another financial strain, another new family member on top of the baby, etc. I'm curious what you all think and if any of you have been in similar situations, adding or choosing not to add another pet while pregnant. I know a lot of people say they actually give up their dogs after having babies because they're too overwhelmed and that freaks me out. I would never, ever give up my dog but I do worry that adding another one could be extra stress at an already stressful time.
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2022.01.26 18:07 renaborjas [For Hire] Portrait illustrations for only 20$usd. Send me a message for more info

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2022.01.26 18:07 cow51 are store bought hot dogs already cooked?

I just air fried an oscar mayer hot dog for 12mins and the inside still looks pretty pink. maybe I'm being paranoid idk
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2022.01.26 18:07 ApathyOrMadness Who is your Super Smash Ultimate Main and why?

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2022.01.26 18:07 Biggg_P sketched some tattoo ideas of my two fav artists (ye and mac), wanted some wse feedback. thoughts?

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