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2022.01.26 17:33 BusinessBreakfast3 Where would you host your DeFi app?

Hi, I have an idea for a web3 app which I'd like to make reality. I have the necessary skills in terms of development (both for front end and Solidity), but am unsure what to do about the hosting.
As it wouldn't be for a hobby project, but I'd like to make an actual production application, I guess shared hosting wouldn't be an option.
So interested in your opinions about this. Is there a standard in terms of hosting Dapps? How would you approach this challenge, assuming your code is ready to go live?
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2022.01.26 17:33 invaderdan Large bump on newt chin/throat- any idea? soft, not hard, and has been there for years at this point. Can't tell if it is causing discomfort. No image of new I have ever looked at has had anything similar.

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2022.01.26 17:33 daXfactorz daXfactorz's Precolonial Africa Happy Fun Learning Time: Maghreb

Hey guys, it’s time for another look at Africa’s pre-colonial civs! The Maghreb has several incredibly cool and underrated rulers up for voting, so strap in!
The Alaouites (Ismail Ibn Sharif)
The Alaouites are the current ruling dynasty of Morocco, and they’ve been ruling since around 1640 CE. Replacing the Saadi dynasty (represented in vanilla Civ 5 by Ahmad al-Mansur).
The Alaouites have been through all sorts of historical shenanigans, but the height of their power may have come under their second ruler, Moulay Ismail Ibn Sharif. After gaining power, he established a slave army loyal only to himself (his UU, the Black Guard) and modernized his army, permanently repelled the Ottomans, and sponsored pirates to collect European prisoners in order to ransom them and force European nations to recognize Morocco as an equal. Not only that, but he also retook several port cities from the Europeans (though he did also lose several wars in Algeria), moved the capital to Meknes and built a palace-fortress complex there, and re-asserted Moroccan control throughout the Sahara. Oh, and he had over 850 kids. He earned the title of the “Bloody King” among Europeans due to his actions, but while he was brutal, Ismail Ibn Sharif certainly did bring Morocco into its own.
After a period of civil war following Ismail’s death, the Alaouites continued to see modest success, retaking several foreign ports and opening up trade with Europe (in addition to being perhaps the first nation to formally recognize the USA). As the 19th century rolled on, however, Alaouite Morocco began to destabilize and fell into debt after wars with France and Spain. Eventually, Morocco was split between a French and a Spanish protectorate in 1912, only to regain independence and be reunited in 1957. Since then, Morocco’s been doing just fine, but of course post-colonial Morocco has very little to do with the civ up for voting.
tl;dr Moroccan king modernizes literally everything about his army, beats up the Ottomans and Christians, fucks harder than anybody else in history (besides maybe Genghis Khan (maybe))
The Almohads (Abd al-Mu’min)
The Almohads are the second Moroccan civ up for voting, and they’re probably the one you’re most familiar with (though you might not know it). Originating as a small religious movement, the Almohads eventually grew to rule not only Morocco but most of the Maghreb and even Iberia, mostly thanks to Abd al-Mu’min.
Immediately after a devastating defeat at the hands of the declining Almoravid dynasty which saw the loss of almost half of the Almohad movement, including its leader, Ibn Tumart, al-Mu’min spent years rebuilding and militarizing his force before eventually conquering the Almoravids, as well as taking al-Andalus from the Almoravids and fighting off the Christian kingdoms which had been capitalizing off of the Almoravids’ collapse. While all of this was going on, al-Mu’min also conquered to the east, securing lands as far as Tripoli. However, before he could properly conquer all of Iberia, Abd al-Mu’min passed away in 1163 CE.
After al-Mu’min, the Almohads were mostly stuck in battle with the Christian kingdoms of Iberia, making up a solid part of the Reconquista. While the Almohads held on well at first, a revolt opened the door for the Christian kingdoms to invade and raid al-Andalus, sparking further revolts and forcing the Almohads to abandon Iberia by 1228 CE. After this, while the Almohads were mostly at peace (even with the Kingdom of Castile), they were slowly torn apart by tribal revolts throughout their empire until their final ruler was supposedly murdered by a slave in Marrakesh and the new Marinid dynasty took over.
tl;dr absolute lad takes his radical religious sect from a half-dead mess to an empire spanning the entire Maghreb and half of Iberia, successors proceed to taste the Reconquista and lose everything within 100 years
Tetouan (Sayyida al-Hurra)
Tetouan is a major port city along the coast of Morocco, and it’s our final Moroccan civ up for voting. It was a major base for pirates in the Mediterranean, and while it wasn’t exactly independent at any point, it gained considerable influence over the entire western Mediterranean under Sayyida al-Hurra.
Sayyida al-Hurra was born to a noble family in Granada, but lived most of her life in Tetouan after Granada was conquered by Aragon and Castile in 1492. She was married at a young age to the governor of Tetouan, and throughout her early life she became an expert at governing by watching and supporting her husband. Once he died, Sayyida al-Hurra took the role of governor of Tetouan for herself. From there, she took control of the pirates of Tetouan and worked with Barbarossa of Algiers to exert control over the entire Mediterranean Sea, frequently harassing Spanish and Portuguese ships and taking captives for ransom. Eventually, the Sultan of Morocco Ahmed al-Wattadi himself requested to marry her - Sayyida agreed, but refused to leave Tetouan, so Ahmed became the only Moroccan sultan in history to be married outside of Fez as he came to her instead. Unfortunately, Sayyida was overthrown by her son-in-law the next year, but she retired peacefully and lived for another 20 years in exile.
While Sayyida al-Hurra and even the Wattasid Dynasty itself were gone before long, piracy in Tetouan continued well into the 19th century. Eventually, Spain took the city around 1860, lost it in 1862, and returned to capture it and the rest of northern Morocco in 1912.
tl;dr pirate city governor girlbosses so hard that she ends up controlling half of the Mediterranean through pirate power and marrying the Sultan
(In case you’re confused, the timeline for Morocco’s dynasties goes Idrisids -> Almoravids -> Almohads -> Marinids -> Wattasids -> Saadis -> Alaouites.)
Carthage (Mago)
Carthage is another one of those civs which needs no introduction. Beginning as a Phoenician colony, Carthage eventually grew to become a dominant force in the Mediterranean, leading to a fateful series of clashes with the growing Roman Republic. Of course, everybody knows the tail end of Carthage’s history because of the aforementioned wars with Rome, but Mago represents the beginning of Carthage’s history, instead.
Mago I was the founder of Carthage’s Magonid dynasty, a king by valor of sorts. He was originally a general, and while he was still in theory under Phoenicia’s rule, in practice he took Carthage and made it into the dominant power of the western Mediterranean. While we don’t know much about him, we do know that he allied with the Etruscans, halted the westward expansion of the Greeks by taking Sardinia, helped topple Tartessos, and also did things in Sicily. Carthage may or may not have also been practicing child sacrifice around this time, because you know, why not?
After Mago I, Carthage continued to grow as Phoenicia began to collapse under the weight of the Persians, though eventually a Council of Elders took most of the power away from the king. Of course, as the centuries rolled on, Carthage engaged in battle with Syracuse and eventually Rome, which spelled their doom after the Third Punic War. Carthage was destroyed, but the Romans rebuilt it, and in the centuries to come it would be the center of many other empires (none Carthaginian in nature).
tl;dr cool dude breaks Carthage off from Phoenicia (mostly), beats up the Mediterranean, maybe stabs some children
Tunis (Abu Zakariya)
Many empires ruled from Tunisia between the fall of the Umayyads and the conquest of the region by the Ottomans, but only one could truly be considered “Tunis” (because only one actually had its capital in the city of Tunis at all) - the Hafsids. Originally a vassal of the Almohads, the Hafsids broke off as the Almohads collapsed and declared independence under the rule of Abu Zakariya. Abu Zakariya, who had expanded his domain even before breaking off from the Almohads by taking eastern Algeria, proceeded to conquer Algiers and Tripoli in the following years, and he may have even taken tribute from the Marinids in Morocco. But Abu Zakariya is best known for building Tunis up into a city worthy of being a capital, constructing mosques and schools while also inviting in refugees from the Reconquista. He also allowed Jews to practice Judaism again after the infamously intolerant Almohads forced them to convert.
After Abu Zakariya, the Hafsids “fought off” the Eighth Crusade (which collapsed instantly after Louis IX of France died of dysentery), declined as the Marinids temporarily occupied the kingdom, grew into a golden age that saw them trading all throughout the Mediterranean, and even momentarily took control over the entire Maghreb. However, as Spain and the Ottomans grew more and more powerful, the Hafsids were caught in the middle and slowly lost power. Eventually, Tunis became a battleground as the Habsburgs and Ottomans fought over the area, until finally the Ottomans seized the region for good and executed most of the royal family.
tl;dr dude un-Moroccos Tunisia, builds some cool stuff (and lets Jews be Jews again), Tunis proceeds to vibe until Spain and the Ottomans flip it like it’s a Civ game
And that’s all for the Maghreb! Plenty of fun options here even if the Moroccan trio is obviously the best, a civ for every taste. Remember to do your own research into these civs if any happen to interest you, though - I’m just a guy summarizing Wikipedia articles, after all!
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2022.01.26 17:33 Lasol_ Feels like CIV 5 is still my favourite 4X

CIV 5 was my first 4X strategy game and it was almost like love at first sight. This was a few years ago, so every now and then I've tried to find something better, newer or fresh. I have tried CIV 6 on release and did not quite enjoy it as much. As well as playing some CIV 6, I've played some Endless Legend, while the fantasy aspect is very fun, it just leaves me wanting for something like CIV 5. Am I biased or do other people recognize CIV 5 as the greatest 4X game as well? (or civ 4 lol)
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2022.01.26 17:33 dqdostal Got excited while hunting with a friend on Rancho for what should have been diamond.... Got TROLLED

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2022.01.26 17:33 Febuscary Got Crown December '19 it Fell Out Eight Times Now Dentist Says Implant is Needed

I went to a new Dentist to get an implant, she said crown would be fine. Although shes stood by her work so far replacing the crown she now says I need an implant on said tooth. I feel like I wasted $1800 and a lot of time going there over and over. And now I'll have to pay for more work.
Ive been calm and positive with her so far but Im pretty upset. Is there any way she would give me a discount on the work considering she thought a crown would be sufficient? Should I ask her for a discount. I feel helpless and dumb for listening to her but what choice did I have?
Honestly best case scenerio, has any dentist ever given a discount after their work breaks after a year?
Thank you
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2022.01.26 17:32 Responsible_Order_25 Fell out of love?

For those of you that have been madly in love with someone, then just fell out of love one day, what did it?
Minus betrayal and obvious things, what happened?
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