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2021.12.01 08:49 HunterRBiden Work Manifesto and video

Ultimate Goal: The right to live a dignified life with or without working, and control our own work if we decide to do so. Turn work into play.
Pay raises are always something to ask so we should keep asking.
But the following is just as important: - no uniforms - no drug tests for any reason - shorter work weeks - not being treated poorly for saying no. If we can't work much don't bother us. - pto, maternity leave. Paid vacations. More vacations. - no monitoring our shifts (tracking) - no firings unless voted on by coworkers - no snooping into social media for any reason - let felons work and vote - paid addiction leave! Let your workers go to a rehab to get clean! No firing - bonuses when profits soar!
THE EMPLOYEE IS AND SHOULD BE ALWAYS RIGHT. Being late should be no big deal. Relax, production isn't the only thing that matters. And no we shouldn't have to smile or thank a single customer.
Drinking and smoking must be allowed while working. Legal drugs as well. That may sound crazy, but we are trying to live and work like we want. That's the point of living. To have fun, have a good time, so I see no reason why working ppl can't responsibly consumer whatever they desire. We can work out the legal implications with things like waivers.
We're gonna take as many lunches and breaks as we want, as well.
Time to take your life back friends. Feel free to add anything I missed. Feel free to tell me why I'm crazy I think this is realistically a possible outcome. To have all these demands met. You don't need to agree with all. Just hear me out.
Basically work needs to be completely voluntary.
If you have the everyone needs to work, mentality...I don't think you get it. The idea of having to earn a living is absurd. I'm sorry if you are upset lazy people don't deserve it. But it's much bigger than that.
If you think people are worthless if they choose not to work well that's a similarity you have with Hitler.
Being made to work is slavery. We never abolished it. This is it. Work or starve.
That's not a good proposal
Enjoy a short video lol thanks for reading!
Workplace freedom
Oh, I also love the idea of ubi giving us our first taste of freedom. Big believer in the universal basic income.
Look into it.
Antiwork funny
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2021.12.01 08:49 ovni9444 26m looking for a foreign friend

I'm 26 from France, I'm working as a psychologist. I recently moved to a new city and I feel bored sometimes, far from family and friends. I'm looking for a friend with who I can talk about any subject I like science fiction, astronomy, psychedelic and experimental music, collecting vinyl records, reading, writing, games, football, aikido...
We can talk here or on another platform (I don't use discord). My English isn't perfect so expect a few mistakes
See you!
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2021.12.01 08:49 ioanmoldovan95 How to access network of a Virtual machine? - Details in comment

Hey there! Firstly, sorry if this is not appropriate for this sub, it seems to be for me.
Second, I spent a few hours already searching for a solution, but didn't find anything remotely similar to what I'm trying to achieve.
Third, although I am a developer, I suck at networking and for some reason always failed to understand how many networking things work... so looking for advice
The problem: The company for which I work has a private network, that is accessible either by a VPN, or through an Amazon Workspaces virtual machine. Most of the people in the company have access through the VPN, and only a very small subset (around 3%) of us don't have VPN access (caused by the client that we work for, they don't allow any other VPNs than theirs), so we use a Workspaces VM to access the resources on that private network. Recently I started tutoring a few new persons in the company, and I have to access company's gitlab each day, do code reviews, run code, and supposedly I would do all that on the VM. That's impossible, so much time is wasted by doing that, so I started looking for other solutions
My ideas: i was thinking that maybe I could somehow access from my laptop the VMs network, either through a VPN or ssh? or maybe there is another method, but I don't know it
DISCLAIMER: what I want to do is not illegal, neither contrary to my company's guidelines. It's just that the client I work for doesn't allow me to have access to that VPN, and if the client does not allow it, IT guys won't give me access on my personal machine either.
Any help is much appreciated.
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2021.12.01 08:49 Puzzleheaded-Ad-1411 What is the name of the man who founded “patriarchy”, and when was it founded?

Where is the objective evidence that a man (or a group of men worked together to) actively founded the patriarchy with the sole purpose to keep women down?
If it’s real, it must be as real as gravity and evolution. If it wasn’t founded in a specific year, there must be a timeline (over a number of years) when it was first founded.
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it has 2K delta v in orbit and is a cargo passenger hybrid
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2021.12.01 08:49 ElectricalFun4028 Query

Bruh hamare school waale keh rahe hai ki reporting time 10:15 hai uske baad kisi ko aane nahi denge, but time to 11 hai naa? Maine co-ordinator se baat ki wo keh rahi hai ki jaise hamm bol rahe hai waise hi karu yeh kya masla hai?
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I tried to delete on my computer and it won’t and i cant find a way to delete on the phone.
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2021.12.01 08:49 Bruce_Man_Demon_Man [Rick and Morty/The Mask] Out of curiosity, what if Jerry finds and puts on the Mask of Loki, and uses it the same way Ipkiss used it for?

Note: This is the version of the mask that works at both Day and Night. Also, this scenario takes place at some point during season 4, after the premiere.
How would an episode/scenario like this play out?
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