ITAP Abandoned church

2021.12.01 10:17 iConjure-Paranormal ITAP Abandoned church

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2021.12.01 10:17 kastamaskamailse "When he stood up, he barely had a face left"

Also the "serious but stable" sounds to me like the child survived, but basically without facial tissue. Just horrible.
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2021.12.01 10:17 PMRef Public Mobile referral code reddit December 2021 - NYVO96

Referral code nyvo96 - - be sure to enter the code in the designated area to receive $10 credit on your second bill! Thanks!
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2021.12.01 10:17 pandaellabellaa MCC teams as anime eyes: Mint Mistletoes!

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2021.12.01 10:17 J3ttf Some more photos of my 1985 Numatic Henry!

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2021.12.01 10:17 marcao_cfh question on fixing horizontal lines on a dmg

I already fixed vertical lines on a dmg screen, but now I have a screen here with 2 or 3 horizontal lines. I found a video where they said it could be fixed with a soldering iron, I tried but I didn't got the lines to show (on the other hand, didn't got any lines to disappear, which is great lol). I also saw a video where they used a hot air gun, but I don't have one.
So the question is how can I fix horizontal lines without a hot air gun? I have a soldering iron with different tips and adjustable temperature, and also I have enough skills to remove the screen from the board if needed.
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2021.12.01 10:17 rancas141 Dream my wife is leaving

Hello! Not sure this is the right place to post this? I've been having dreams thar my wife (married just over 5 years) is leaving relatively consistently for the past 3-4 years. Usually it depicts the time we were dating (we broke up once or twice irl for relative reasons). Other times it will be a combination of when we were dating and now us being married. I want to go ahead and say we have a pretty strong and loving marriage. Sure, we have had a few spats here and there, but nothing huge.
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2021.12.01 10:17 Scared_Doubt_9576 🐺 WOLFS CLAN GAMING 🐺 Just listed 🔰Telegram Embedded Arcade Gaming Bot 🐺 Audited |1000x Diamond Hold Lottery 🔮 Staking Pool and more!💖Amazing New| P2E Platform of Mini-games.

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🐺 WOLFS CLAN GAMING is providing AND play-earn crypto gaming experience running on top of the popular Telegram messaging platform. The ecosystem features a 1000x Diamond Hold lifetime lottery with winners per week, a staking pool to provide long-term stability, and token holder reflections. WOLFS CLAN GAMING also offers unique partner services with other token projects who want to use our gaming bot with their native token to grow the staking pool which in turn provides reflections!

➤ Innovative Telegram embedded Arcade Games: Have fun and win valuable prizes , all within Telegram!!!!

➤ Interact with our Telegram bot to deposit WOLFS CLAN GAMING, and play arcade games for a chance to win big! Thanks to the WOLFS CLAN GAMING , players will be able to manage their tokens and play games without leaving the Telegram environment, which makes it unique in the world.

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Game Swap, Game Farm, Game Merch and many more coming in the project roadmap🚀

Good Luck!! 🌟
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2021.12.01 10:17 TheOneInOut "I wonder who?"

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2021.12.01 10:17 The_Red_Panda73 No freedom to you ~ School

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2021.12.01 10:17 Pessimist2020 Tucson Police Department moves to terminate Officer Ryan Remington after shooting man in wheelchair at Lowe's

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2021.12.01 10:17 DM_me_fun_stuff_pls What should I bake next?

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2021.12.01 10:17 dan_lord ZEKROM- 7735 7220 0787

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2021.12.01 10:17 Initial-Economist-89 Want some help finding escort service

Hi, i wanted to know if there are any ligitimate escort service in banglore.Ive checked online and all website seems like scams.If anyone have had experience, please share some knowledge.
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2021.12.01 10:17 BongsJointsDabs Sun grown vs. indoor

What truly tastes and smokes better? Im not talking about yields or anything like that im talking about quality of the final product.
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2021.12.01 10:17 joesen_one 211201 Naver NOW Twitter Update with Suyeon, Elly, Lua, Lucy & DJ MAMAMOO Moonbyul @ Naver NOW Moonbyul's Studio Moonlight

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2021.12.01 10:17 Agreeable-Poet5415 How do you split maneuver nodes most efficiently?

I have a 4 minute long burn time and have seen people split them into 2 burns and was wondering how without messing up your trajectory to much
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2021.12.01 10:17 regina12290 What can I do to help her grow 😔 just sprouted these two new leaves but so tiny and that’s all it’s done so far.

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2021.12.01 10:17 xcitor [HIRING] Customer Support Manager at Fuse Network

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2021.12.01 10:17 Naweezy Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci behind the scenes of ‘Raging Bull’ (1980)

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2021.12.01 10:17 Sepkr weather boosted zekrom on me adding 10 6460 9658 3774

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2021.12.01 10:17 _torwartfehler ich🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️iel

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2021.12.01 10:17 Obi-SpunKenobi "Tabonga" tek

Heres a little tek I've developed over the years some of you might find useful. I got sick of only extracting 50 or 100g at a time, but I'm also too lazy to bother with an atb for large volumes, so I found this to be a nice compromise.
The "Tabonga" tek 80g bark per liter (300g/gallon) 1:1 lye to bark Hexane VM&P naptha
Materials list: 1gallon glass growler with narrow neck (commonly sold with apple cider) Funnel that fits growler MHRB (other plants may need defats and/or different solvent) 3lbs sodium hydroxide, 1liter hexane/heptane, Glass pipettes 5 & 10ml Blender Stirring stick (glass or untreated wood) Gram scale Glasslock or pyrex dish Loose razor blades 5gal bucket Lab safety: rubber gloves, face shield, plenty of water.
1) add water to growler half full
2) SLOWLY add full amount of lye to growler, stir constantly, keep the growler in 5gal bucket in case of thermal shock. To protect the glass you can add hot water to the bucket to warm the glass and reduce shock. Lye must be fully dissolved before step 3.
3) grind bark into fine powder
4) mix bark into growler, break up any clumps that form with the stirring stick.
5) add water to growler up to the neck of the bottle, but leave the narrow neck itself (top 3-4 inches) empty. Wait 1+ hr for the lye to break down the bark.
6) fill neck of growler with hexane (leave .5-1cm empty)
7) shake growler vigorously for several minutes to mix
8) let the solvent completely separate from lye/watebark
9) repeat steps 7&8
10) use pipettes to transfer the layer of solvent in the neck of the growler to a glass pyrex dish for evaporation, or glasslock for freeze precipitation. DO NOT suck up the black lye water, leave a small layer of solvent so this doesnt happen; you will get it later.
11) repeat steps 6-10, 3-4 times (these are called "solvent pulls")
*if you really want to squeeze out every gram, do several naptha pulls after your heptane pulls.
12) for evaporation, cover lightly with tin foil, leave it somewhere safe and wait for solvent to COMPLETELY evaporate (slower evaporation = bigger crystals), depending on temp, ventalation etc this may take several weeks. For freeze precipitation, seal the glasslock dish and place in freezer, do not let the solvent come in contact with the plastic lid. After 12 hrs (some like to wait 24) you will see crystals have formed on the bottom of the dish, the solvent will still be liquid. Remove it from the freezer and pour the solvent out over a coffee filter into a glass jar to catch any crystals that come loose. Do this quickly so the solvent doesnt warm up and dissolve your crystals. Wipe down the condensation to avoid water contamination and leave it to fully evaporate 1-2 hrs, 30min with a fan.
Now that your crystals are dry you can scrape them up with a razor blade. Store in airtight glass
I usually have 2-3 growlers going at a time, since you have to wait for the solvent to separate anyway.
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2021.12.01 10:17 memecarf69 The post malon

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2021.12.01 10:17 Sad-Nefariousness169 I opened a dark angel pin a week ago…. How did this happen (spoilers for todays advent calendar)

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