Saturated Salamanders Sergeant Scorches Some Skulking Scum

2021.12.01 09:08 Foolish_Mortal_13 Saturated Salamanders Sergeant Scorches Some Skulking Scum

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2021.12.01 09:08 Able_Sugar_284 Valor*nt

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2021.12.01 09:08 TigerUppercut08 Alien tale

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2021.12.01 09:08 jaykjakson Error: Cannot find module '@emotion/styled'

I am having an issue with running my Node project. This issue did not exist yesterday, I can't think of anything that has changed since other than an update my OS did last night (Ubuntu 20.04).
Stack trace:

[nodemon] 2.0.15 [nodemon] to restart at any time, enter `rs` [nodemon] watching path(s): *.* [nodemon] watching extensions: js,mjs,json [nodemon] starting `node server.js` internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:883 throw err; ^ Error: Cannot find module '@emotion/styled' Require stack: - /home/jake/node_modules/@mui/styled-engine/node/index.js - /home/jake/node_modules/@mui/system/index.js - /home/jake/node_modules/@mui/core/node/PoppePopper.js - /home/jake/node_modules/@mui/core/node/Poppeindex.js - /home/jake/node_modules/@mui/core/node/index.js - /home/jake/Documents/Dev/Stock-Informemodels/User.js - /home/jake/Documents/Dev/Stock-Informemiddleware/passport-config.js - /home/jake/Documents/Dev/Stock-Informeserver.js at Function.Module._resolveFilename (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:880:15) at Function.Module._load (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:725:27) at Module.require (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:952:19) at require (internal/modules/cjs/helpers.js:88:18) at Object. (/home/jake/node_modules/@mui/styled-engine/node/index.js:45:38) at Module._compile (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:1063:30) at Object.Module._extensions..js (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:1092:10) at Module.load (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:928:32) at Function.Module._load (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:769:14) at Module.require (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:952:19) { code: 'MODULE_NOT_FOUND', requireStack: [ '/home/jake/node_modules/@mui/styled-engine/node/index.js', '/home/jake/node_modules/@mui/system/index.js', '/home/jake/node_modules/@mui/core/node/PoppePopper.js', '/home/jake/node_modules/@mui/core/node/Poppeindex.js', '/home/jake/node_modules/@mui/core/node/index.js', '/home/jake/Documents/Dev/Stock-Informemodels/User.js', '/home/jake/Documents/Dev/Stock-Informemiddleware/passport-config.js', '/home/jake/Documents/Dev/Stock-Informeserver.js' ] } 
It's seems to want a React module, @emotion/style, but my project is not a React project.
{ "name": "stock-informer", "version": "1.0.0", "description": "", "main": "server.js", "scripts": { "start": "node server.js", "dev": "nodemon server.js" }, "author": "", "license": "ISC", "dependencies": { "bcryptjs": "^2.4.3", "body-parser": "^1.19.0", "dotenv": "^10.0.0", "express": "^4.17.1", "express-flash": "^0.0.2", "express-session": "^1.17.2", "mongoose": "^6.0.13", "passport": "^0.5.0", "passport-local": "^1.0.0", "pug": "^3.0.2" }, "devDependencies": { "nodemon": "^2.0.15" } } 
Any help would be much appreciated.
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2021.12.01 09:08 Flashy_Discussion_72 Programmer Nutrition Facts

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2021.12.01 09:08 wlodzi Thoughts on why everyone was convinced that Fidelity was the one and only broker - Fidelity is massively invested in Reddit

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2021.12.01 09:08 ToastyPOG don’t take this seriously lol

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2021.12.01 09:08 DullSitcom Tickets Prices in St. Paul Are Pure Robbery

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2021.12.01 09:08 Brotty83 Planet Rewards in the TEENS today friends.... 40% decrease in 3 days!!!

Anyone else notice that REWARDS are now even LOWER than yesterday...
Maybe the crypto winter is already upon us!
Pack a jacket its about to get FREEZING Im thinking! :(
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2021.12.01 09:08 bigboyrobbie_ray 2 months no weed

I still think about smoking weed everyday. Don’t have a reason to but just really want some.
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2021.12.01 09:08 ilovemodok Osaka prefectural assembly members to get cost-saving pins

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2021.12.01 09:08 TheWitch07 Como comprar um SafePal em Portugal com DESCONTO

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2021.12.01 09:08 Beginning_Champion What information did you see on the internet that made you a lot of money?

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2021.12.01 09:08 BKY2200 Time not synchronising

When I start my pc up the clock never updates despite the windows time properties being set to automatic and when I go into settings to manually do it it says time synchronisation failed. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thank you!
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2021.12.01 09:08 Cdt_Starkiller ITAP at the train station in Bordeaux, France

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2021.12.01 09:08 Sueann_Mosses Tips to Increase Production and Practice Profitability Every Single Day!

Sufficient production will have a positive impact on the profitability of your #dental practice.
💰💰 By listening to this episode, you will learn practical tips to increase your production every single day:
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2021.12.01 09:08 Interrupted_Cover 25 Free Spins on Super X at Black Diamond Casino

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2021.12.01 09:08 Cooleor Why is there no “redeem code” on the PS WarFace website?

I can’t redeem codes, because the box to redeem it in doesn’t even exist on their website...
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2021.12.01 09:08 CrookedPanda Quicksight Data Duplication

Hey folks,
Apologies if this doesn't belong here and if this ends up being a bit of a long one; I'd appreciate any advice or direction to other threads.
I'm new to Quicksight and over the last couple of weeks I've managed to teach myself a fair amount, but I've got one particular issue I've no idea how to solve (I'm not even sure what to Google).
One of the visuals I'm looking to create is a table made up of data from three datasets; including some calculated fields. I've managed to create the relationships so I can use all three tables, but my calculated field doesn't work. I'll give a bit of a breakdown:
Dataset 1: an Excel tab detailing the client, the specific project, the project value, and various other irrelevant data.
Dataset 2: an Excel tab with timesheet data, detailing how long employees have worked on the project and the cost for the time.
Dataset 3: an Excel tab containing resourcing time and cost estimates.
One column I need to include is cost incurred. It's simple enough to calculate:
sumIf(Cost[Dataset 2], Project_Name[Dataset 2] = Project_Name[Dataset 1])
The issue comes with the number of times Dataset 3 has the project name. Dataset 1 has the project name once, dataset 2 has project name three times (which I need to sum), and dataset 3 has project name 20+ times and this is causing duplication in dataset 2.
As a result, my calculated field for dataset 2 now has 20+ entries for cost, where it should just have three and I can't for the life of me figure out how to stop the duplication.
Any advice would be very appreciated!
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2021.12.01 09:08 Pajer4 Weight loss after increasing armodafinil dose?

I began taking armodafinil years ago, 75mg twice a day. I didn't notice any sort of weight loss then, but now I've been on 150mg twice a day for few months now, and I've lost ~7 pounds. has anyone else experienced anything like this? I've been trying to eat better and walk more the past few months, and now I think the armodafinil has suppressed my appetite a bit and suddenly I'm losing weight. I've read a bunch of stuff online saying modafinil can cause weight loss, but I still can't help but feel anxious about losing 7 pounds.
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2021.12.01 09:08 cbvv1992 🔥75% Off Code – $7.25 Liquid Silicone Lifelike Flexible Dildo (Adult Item!)!!

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2021.12.01 09:08 MindfulInquirer Nicknames

To me nicknames were cool when you were younger with your group of pals, but it always felt out of place for fully grown men. It's especially popular within sports circles, but I can't imagine calling someone in their thirties anything other than their actual name, or at most a 2-3 letter rearrangement of it. I think it's quite largely overdone and overused, although I know I'm in the minority. Your opinions ?

Good read, not long:
EXCERPT: " In the Domesday book (a survey mainly listing taxes which had been owed in 1086) there was a guy called Roger "Fuckebythenavele" (fun fact: it’s the first recorded use of "fuck" in the English language), and in a Winchester equivalent from 1057, there’s a Roger "Gyldenballokes" (golden bollocks). "
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2021.12.01 09:08 kittehgoesmeow [Discussion] What A Day - "A SCOTUS Case That Could Overturn Roe" (12/01/21)

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2021.12.01 09:08 BotDefense overview for stjenkurv

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2021.12.01 09:08 ragepixie Do most programs accept online courses?

hey all. Just a quick question. finishing my prerequisites here! Obviously, during the pandemic, I had to take a couple of science courses with labs. The labs were virtual. I’ve since gotten a full-time job that does not allow me the time to go on campus. Online/asynchronous classes are the only things that work for my schedule, including a few more labs. I’ve read conflicting things about programs excepting online labs especially, but would love to hear your experiences. thanks!
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