Time to sleeeeeeeeee-

2021.10.27 20:26 TheCanadianScotsman Time to sleeeeeeeeee-

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2021.10.27 20:26 Doge_to_1K_by_Monday Surpass DOGE Market Cap— Shib

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2021.10.27 20:26 Eijin88 I have atv connected to my ac receiver,then receiver to the tv. In settings the only default option is always set to tv speakers. I can change to receiver but each time I turn it on again it goes back to tv. Anyone?

I have atv connected to my ac receiver,then receiver to the tv. In settings the only default option is always set to tv speakers. I can change to receiver but each time I turn it on again it goes back to tv. Anyone? submitted by Eijin88 to appletv [link] [comments]

2021.10.27 20:26 saxmachine69 Trade Advice. Trade my Gesicki for T. Boyd and K. Herbert?

I have Kelce at TE and my WRs are weak. Boyd's underwhelmed so far, Herbert is a good flex option while Montgomery is hurt, but I don't know how much long term value he brings. Gesicki is one of my better flex options atm. Thoughts?
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2021.10.27 20:26 ForeverScapegoat The story of me quitting two games at the same time

Sorry about any formatting issues or autocorrecting. I am on my phone.
I was previously in two dnd games and am now in none. Almost the same people in both groups with there being 5 PCs per game with just two people swapped between the role of pc and dm.
In the first game I had been an original player but had to step out of the game for a while because of some personal issues with another player that just needed time to resolve. The character I came back with joined at the same time as another PC swapping characters and ended up reaching the end of his character arc faster than expected (wanted to support his family financially and we quickly got enough money that his family would be set for life). So I swapped to a new character who wanted a sense of purpose after getting dumped by her childhood sweetheart because he was a noble and "needed to stop playing around and find a proper woman".
This had her being the "new" person in the group. Which also meant they didn't trust her as much despite her being introduced to them by one of the most important npcs in the game.
Two instances ended up being the main reasons I left the game.
First we had been tasked with clearing out a wizards tower where the magic had gotten out of hand. One level of the tower had us fighting weirds (weak man made elementals). My character knew primordial and was able to talk to them. It eventually became apparent that they were messed up somehow and were becoming aggressive. After killing them all there was one left because it was behind a barrier it couldn't cross.
I pleaded with the party to let me talk to it before killing it. Since if it didn't need to die, then it should be allowed to live. Some party members, mainly the cleric and barbarian, pushed back against it. They seemed to be under the impression that my character intended on freeing it immediately. They also belittled my characters idea about unnecessary death by saying "they are just constructs. The wizard can just make more".
My character did convince them to let me talk to it. when I wasn't able to confirm that it was safe to release my character said "I won't stop you. But I also won't stay to watch this." And left the room so the barb could kill it.
I would not have thought much about this incident if it was not for the second one.
This one is a bit more complicated. We were woken in the middle of the night by the bard shouting. Upon waking up there were two bards with identical equipment, voices, mannerisms, etc. Both obviously claimed to be real.
After some scuffle, the cleric cast hold person on both and both seemed to be affected. The barbarian separated one from the group and the cleric lied to him by saying he dropped the spell.
The bard held by the barbarian remained still and the barbarian swung his axe past his head to scare him. He rolled a 20 on his perception (dm allows crit success and fails for skill checks) and saw the bard twitch slightly.
Meanwhile my character carefully picks the bard left with her and the cleric to see if his blood looked normal and if he would flinch. Normal blood. No flinching.
My character thinks on her knowledge and comes up with nearly all shape-shifting creatures will revert to their original form when they die.
She asks the cleric if they have revivify prepared. And this is where things take a sharp turn into insanity. I can't remember exact phrasing but it went kind of like this
Cleric: are you suggesting we kill him?! Me: well most shapeshifters change back after death. So death is the only surefire way to know who is the fake. Cleric: how dare you suggest we kill a member of our own party Me: that's not exactly what I said. I just was bringing up how- Cleric: you literally just suggested we kill a party member Me: -sigh- okay. What is your solution here? Cleric: we talk to them and find out which one is lying. Me: they both act exactly the same. They even know his specific insults he uses for us (the bard had a habit of slinging insults all the time in a fun way) so I'm not sure that will be a very safe Cleric: safer than killing a friend Me: that's not what i... okay. You do your thing. I'll just step back.
After this my character sat down on a nearby stump. And cleric yelled to the barbarian and asked if the other bard said or did anything. Barbarian said that they twitched. Cleric said they never dropped the spell. This prompted the barbarian to start attacking the other bard and kill him. Reverting them to their original doppelganger form.
My character recognized the doppelganger and explained that they can read thoughts, rendering the idea of asking questions pretty useless. She also expressed mortification that a twitch would be considered enough evidence to kill. Especially without a revivify standing by just in case.
The party used meta knowledge that they nat20d their check to justify his actions when I expressed in character that they could have mistakenly thought they saw a twitch. When I brought up that if it had been the real bard they could have also seen a twitch with a nat1 no one cared. It seemed like "well this worked in the end. So there is clearly no flaws in our choices"
Then i was met with a tirade of insults. My character was accused by the cleric of "always putting the party in danger" with the weirds incident as their evidence. Calling my character cold, heartless, toxic, and (to top it all off) "a little princess who always has to be right"
The dm tried to justify the verbal abuse by saying that my character had just "stepped on a landmine" dealing with the clerics backstory (which wasn't openly shared with the group)
Eventually the dm picked up on that the cleric was maybe not 100% speaking in character and ended the session.
I really needed some time to decompress and was debating leaving the game since it felt like my character was not allowed to have a voice and if she did speak up about something it was ridiculed or misconstrued into something crazy.
I messaged the dm and the cleric, who was the dm for the other game. I expressed that I felt that he was using his character as a way to say things to me without saying them to my face. And that I thought I might have to leave the games if a conversation doesn't happen where people talk things through like adults.
First dm responded that they would be sad to no longer have me but understood if I felt like I needed to leave the game. Second dm.... never responded. So after over a week I messaged another player to rp my character leaving and give a reason for him not to be there. When second dms game came around he seemed confused as to why I wasn't there until the other player said i had rped leaving with them.
Dm still never messaged me.
Two weeks after the first message I messaged them again saying I was hurt that they never replied to me. No reply.
In a voice chat with a mutual friend they brought up that they never read messages. Which feels insincere to me. But that is just my feelings.
Sorry if this post comes across as a bit rambling or confusing. I just needed to get it off my chest.
I now have a lot of free time and fewer friends to spend it with. So I am a little lonely.
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2021.10.27 20:26 SkolVikings1996 SF .5ppr Dynasty Value

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2021.10.27 20:26 Pojemans Seeking Kyogre, Thundurus, Stakataka, Latias Dynamax Adventures!

I'm also regularly hosting Celesteela DA until I get it shiny 🤞.
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2021.10.27 20:26 Yogurtproducer Major Sonos Issue since Network Change

I finally changed the wifi name in the house ans converted the Sonos. Ever since, I’ve had nothing but issues.
Airplay doesn’t work half the time, ans the Sonos app won’t load the speakers probably 75%of the time.
This is getting infuriating. What’s my best option?
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2021.10.27 20:26 rl_pending Treasure Hunt pay wall

I've been doing the current treasure hunt. I'm on the 2nd level, officer. I've cleared the first 4 battles, but the 5th comes in multiple waves (possible 2). Once the first wave is completed, I am given the option to replace fallen troops using gems (even though I still have unused troops). At my level I think it will be impossible to progress further without spending gems.
I may not be a big spender, but if I spend time in a game I always spend a bit to give my support. I think it's only right to do so. However, I try to avoid games with pay walls.
Is this type of pay wall exclusive to this event or will I meet more?
I'm assuming treasure hunt difficulty scales with the respective era the player is in. Is it possible to progress further in the treasure hunt without paying gems? The cost vs rewards is very off, all experienced players in my alliance won't play it. Is it just for the whales?
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2021.10.27 20:26 pettiful89 21f looking for girl friends

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2021.10.27 20:26 travischickencoop I know it’s not the best Audrey II pumpkin out there, but it’s mine and I’m proud

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2021.10.27 20:26 LilKing-Trashmouth HE GONE

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2021.10.27 20:26 Kragle-Tom Boo-Hoo Evil Mamabear

Looks like my mother doesn't quit. My sister and FBIL are going to court against her soon because EMB is fighting the imminent RO.
When FBIL went to get the mail yesterday he found a handwritten letter from Evil Mamabear. It was in a fancy envelope and had a lipstick kiss mark over the seal. Sis and FBIL read the letter together. Then proceeded to laugh. They called me on live chat because I can't visit them right now since I'm still quarantining after going with my GF to visit her family when her one remaining grandparent was in the hospital for C19.
I recorded Sis reading the whole letter on my PC. So this shit is verbatim.
EMB's Letter: Dear daughter. I love you so much. But I am so very disappointed in you. You've let a man and your brother get between us when there is supposed to be no greater bond than a mother to her daughter. I beg you to see reason and come home. You don't need them, Just me. We can even go to Texas together and start over there with your baby. No one will bother us again. It'll be just the three of us. Doesn't that sound nice? I know this letter will reach you soon. You can come by my house any time. You know where the key is. I'll be waiting for you. Loves and kisses, Evil Mamabear.
My sister read the entire letter in a mocking tone, then acted like she was gagging as soon as it was done. She crumpled the paper while saying "That bitch had her chance!" and was ready to throw the letter into the trash. But FBIL said he had a better idea. And on camera I saw him take the letter and literally wipe his ass with it. We all started laughing hysterically.
Then FBIL took the letter and put it into a metal pan, poured some of Sis's nail polish remover onto it, walked out onto their balcony, and then lit it on fire. That shit burns fast! It was almost burnt up in seconds! Once it'd all burned up FBIL dumped what was left out and the wind blew it away. Then both Sis and FBIL covered their hands in sanitizer while joking "Don't wanna get Evil Mamabear kooties!" We laughed some more and talked for a while longer before ending the call. Good times.
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2021.10.27 20:26 throwawayacc_europe How do Socialists view the Hong Kong protests?

Millions of people protested on the streets of Hong Kong. Obviously the majority of people of Hong Kong do not want to be governed by China and want to be independent.
Does the keeping of the influence of Peking on Hong Kong impinge with the democratic principles of socialism?
After all, socialism is supposed to work for the people and the will of the people.
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2021.10.27 20:26 HenryLafayetteDubose Aunt Cheryl’s Horses starts officially on November 17th. The age limit to enter will alternate between 5 and up and 7 and up for each week (grown ups can enter themselves as well). I’m looking for feedback on what I should have people do to enter.

My aunt Cheryl loved horses as much as I do, and it was always a point of conversation between us at holiday family gatherings. In her memory, I’m holding a series of contests where the prizes are plushie horses. The age limit to enter will alternate between 5 and up and 7 and up each week. Grown ups and teens are allowed to enter, but priority will be given to those closer to the age limit. I already have a few ideas on what people will do to gain an entry, but I would like some feedback from people interested in entering (or entering for someone). If you have an idea you think would be a better option, leave a comment. My goal with such ideas is to encourage people to learn a little more about horses.
View Poll
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2021.10.27 20:26 srmikes34 Instacoaching Scam Documentary

I am a big fan of cult documentaries and just finished the Lularoe scam documentary that actually touched on the cult like aspects the pyramid scheme had…. I’m really hoping someone out here in this subReddit is in “the biz”and gathering content for a multi part documentary on these fitspogrammers turned scammers. They are literally scams/pyramid schemes and preying on ppl who should be seeing someone with actual licenses. I want to see them exposed… maybe I’m just salty but ffs #endrant
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2021.10.27 20:26 The_Dejesus When do you withdrawal profits?

When do you withdrawal profits from your account? At the end of the week, end of 2 weeks? Anything over a certain balance you always keep in your account? At what point do you use your profits for paying bills, buying things etc.
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2021.10.27 20:26 andyp Buddha is caught malding on the main TwitchRivals channel

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2021.10.27 20:26 HorusCok Thoughts on this?

So many of us, in this sub have recently come out of long. sometimes decades long, relationships. During that time the indivual ceased to exist outside of the couple or the family. We come to a subconscious realization that we don't know who we are anymore, which leads to generalized discontentment, perhaps laying blame on our exes for our own loss of identity
Its no wonder so many people need to "find myself" in their 40s, and feel the need to bail on relationships and marriages. The basis of our unhappiness is primarily internal and the loss of a sense of self.
I often read about some who can't wait to get involved with another SO. before they figure out who they are as an individual at this time in their life.
There is no way to find out who YOU are when you are in a relationship, there is always the context of WE during any self exploration when we are coupled.
If you don't know who you are when when you enter a relationship, how can the relationship be authentic? How do you truly know what you want or think? Are you depriving your partner and yourself of the real you?
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2021.10.27 20:26 JakdragonX Come read about a humanoid entity that you can never speak about outside of your containment, submitted for Halloweenfest and created by the author of [[SCP-5346]] and [[SCP-6200]], check out [[SCP-2744]] - TATTLETALE

Come read about a humanoid entity that you can never speak about outside of your containment, submitted for Halloweenfest and created by the author of [[SCP-5346]] and [[SCP-6200]], check out [[SCP-2744]] - TATTLETALE submitted by JakdragonX to SCP [link] [comments]

2021.10.27 20:26 999beersonthewall Fellow circa 2007 keyboard warriors, what was your finest hour?

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2021.10.27 20:26 HelpMeMakeKibble Help! I need to know a defining moment in you’re highschool career.

I need this for some bull english project.
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2021.10.27 20:26 TimeIsPower Situation Update (10/27/2021): Confirmed number of Oklahoma COVID-19 cases has increased to 642,362 (+865)

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2021.10.27 20:26 Anonasom Omg this subreddit is cancer.

Listen. Before all you exmuslims (if most of you even really are cause I’ve seen a post where over 50% of you voted that you weren’t… but you’re still in a ex Muslim subreddit which is odd….) jump down my throat at least lend me your ear for a moment and give me the curtesy to explain.
I don’t mind if someone doesn’t agree with my beliefs. Honestly don’t even care if you respect them. But when I tell you 90% and maybe more of the posts on this subreddit are completely misquoting things and then people act like geniuses it’s….. amazing. I’ve never seen so many people be so WRONG then band together in a celebration because they believe they’re right.
Looks I’m not here to hate on anybody. I swear it. And if you genuinely don’t believe Islam is true that’s fine I respect beliefs. But at the same time if you’re gonna try and try and prove Islam wrong could you at least… study the religion ? And please. I don’t mean drop me a couple verses and say “explain this” I mean maybe actually learning the real tafsir behind it ? Also the time, place, and situation to a verse definitely matters.
Again, I’m not gonna sit here and disprove anyone who just simply drops a verse or Hadith. I’ve done it dozens of times and it’s nothing more than a headache .
Just wanted to let you know it’s okay to hate Islam, it’s okay to hate Muslims. But for the sake of honesty can you not just post random BS? Like at least come with an argument. Jeez. Lol.
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2021.10.27 20:26 AnnaGorlos Plantar fasciitis, bone spurs, and dry, calloused feet hurt without proper support! They can even cause you to want to hide your feet because of unsightly cracking. With our comfortable, flexible, moisture-wicking, and effective neoprene supports, you will be back to showing off your pedicure

Plantar fasciitis, bone spurs, and dry, calloused feet hurt without proper support! They can even cause you to want to hide your feet because of unsightly cracking. With our comfortable, flexible, moisture-wicking, and effective neoprene supports, you will be back to showing off your pedicure submitted by AnnaGorlos to Annaxo [link] [comments]