2021.10.27 18:57 guynameddanko 3Dmark

highest score ive got so far
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2021.10.27 18:57 Gamestar02 What was a good thing ruined by one incident?

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2021.10.27 18:57 gamer_nl Ye and the Clermont Twins at the Telfar Bag Security event in New York

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2021.10.27 18:57 ggonzxx I don't want to live with my partner

Bit of background info- I am in my mid 20s male with 2 full time jobs. My partner is mid 40s male and a recovering alcoholic. Currently living in a recovery nursing home. For the length of our relationship it's been a rocky one. With me carrying the bulk of the financial burden. He was in a sober living home, relapsed and got kicked out 2x. About a year ago he got arrested with a DUI and his vehicle was in a storage unit, which got repossessed when I refused to pay. Fast forward we live out of a hotel room for a bit while he finds a job. He got one and day 2 comes home drunk( he's only had 3 jobs since I met him and each one he abandoned due to his addiction). That was my breaking point, I didn't extend the hotel and he was ultimately kicked out and arrested by police. He was in a hospital for a few days and then transfered to a facility where he has been for about 6 months. He's been thriving there. But recently he has expressed interest in leaving and us living together. I hesitate because I'm concerned once he leaves his controlled environment, he won't have the support he needs. I'm afraid he'll eventually start drinking which means he won't work. He left his dui unresolved and Currently has a warrant for his arrest. I would like him to get thay resolve first before we proceed on living together. How do I express that to him
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2021.10.27 18:57 234RedUser234 "It took from me all what I've got, but I still standing and I'm looking ahead". (digital art)

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2021.10.27 18:57 trae Hooking into the "scheduled" event?

Hey folks,
Having trouble locating how to hook into a headline that's been scheduled. I want to sync it immediately with gcal via org-gcal-post-at-point. Any ideas how best to go about it?
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2021.10.27 18:57 StormSlackerSaturn People are way longer than we give ourselves credit for

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2021.10.27 18:57 Astroke_ Golf Mk.6 Twincharged 1.4T. 11 years old but still love it.

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2021.10.27 18:57 CobraCollector IAB in silver closer look at eagle .

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2021.10.27 18:57 bigcats5 Which parent

My parents are divorced and I don't know which one should fill out the FAFSA. We talked to a financial aid consultant and she told us to have my dad fill it out because legally on my parents' divorce decree I live with both my parents 50/50, and my dad has provided me more support which would be the tiebreaker. However, I actually have lived with my mom more over the last year so I'm thinking it should be her but my parents and this consultant lady are both telling me it should be my dad so I don't know which parent to use.
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2021.10.27 18:57 Peter_C115 It weird to have just Richthofen back

I mean it’s 1/4 of the OG crew. I’d understand if they wanted to completely move on, but with Richthofen still here it shows they don’t really want to let go fully. So why not just somehow bring back all of them. They wanted to close the old story but they kept in the most influential character from the old story?
I’m happy he’s back, but that makes me even sadder that the other three mad lads won’t be coming back
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2021.10.27 18:57 nkunfuzao #ForaDiegoRibas, o modo completamente escroto que jogadores sao tratados no Brasil

O cara que mudou a final contra o River, viveu a epoca mais vitoriosa do Flamengo sendo lider, exemplo de atleta, e tem que conviver com isso.
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2021.10.27 18:57 SeValentine Shadow Fairy Sakura! ~ Draw by まきなる/@makikusu

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2021.10.27 18:57 My_Neighbor_Pandaro TIFU by singing.

Hiding in a bathroom right now, keeping it simple.
I work at an apartment complex. Was walking a unit before someone moves in, totally empty, no one around, or at least so I thought. I was cleaning this apartment up and making notes of stuff and doing my best American idol contestant impression, singing rocking out and just having a good time.
A resident was walking past the door to get to his apartment and must have heard me singing. I had my headphones in and wasn't paying attention, he must have been looking at me for a solid 10 seconds before I turned around and saw him peering in. The first words out of his mouth "I thought someone was hurt, I was about to call the police" I felt all the blood rush up to my face and told the resident everything was fine, I just wanted to sing a little. To which he replied "ya might wanna work on that, bud." and walked off.
I get back to my office and put away all my things. Lo and behold, guess who decides to pop in to submit a maintenance request. To which I heard him start to talk about my god awful singing to my co-workers. I made a bee line to the bathroom and I've been here for the past 10 minutes.
A more minor TIFU but a TIFU nonetheless
TL;DR My singing, and lack of awareness got me to be the butt of every joke for the next few weeks at my job.
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2021.10.27 18:57 R0J0SM Phantom of the Opera for Halloween

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2021.10.27 18:57 Amray767 Kawaii unboxing Tik Tok ✨ Compilation ✨

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2021.10.27 18:57 unqualified-psychic Sleeping in Clothes vs. Sleeping Naked: What do you prefer and why?

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2021.10.27 18:57 Hot_Elevator_7350 (22F) Self-Timed. Head Tilt. Arm Up. Bend Over.

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2021.10.27 18:57 Spotboy72 I hate the narrative going into th Sunday night game

O no Cooper Rush is taking first team snaps That must mean Dak is going to miss Sunday night It's all just a big old crock of shit But if I'm wrong I'll get a Kirk Cousins jersey
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2021.10.27 18:57 piggywiggybraceface A Halacha Covid question

The following is my understanding:

  1. A Jew should get the vaccine because if he gets ill from Covid he could get another person sick and accidentally kill him.
  2. If this vaccine is derived from a cell line of an aborted fetus from the 1970’s, are we allowed to save our life or other’s lives with such a vaccine, as one cannot kill an innocent victim to save one’s or other’s life.
  3. If #2 is true, what if the fetus was a rodef? What if there is a doubt to whether or not it was a rodef? Are we then allowed to use such a vaccine to save lives?
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2021.10.27 18:57 Menace-Ball Hive Ogre from Destiny

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2021.10.27 18:57 Brayamcito DARKRAI RAID - 5591 7736 7096 - 0380 3029 7646

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2021.10.27 18:57 Careful-Butterfly-49 Very Un happy and disappointed

I have been a narrator on ACX and have an issue that I cannot get resolved. They have taken my narrator sale royalties from 1044 down to 835 and I am not getting paid. They keep telling me that the author has infringed on the title. I have no idea when someone has committed fraud on titles so I still should get paid. No one will explain to me why the sudden drop in my narration. I have called and requested an explanation 3 different times and have never received an answer as to why, they just say I will hear back from them the next day. I cannot reach the royalty department because they do not allow anyone department to have a phone number except for customer service and they do not help. I worked many hours on the narrations and am not getting paid for them.
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2021.10.27 18:57 kirkx0777 Too squishy

Hey team, I asked for help a few weeks back and you guys delivered so we’ll try this again:
I’m running valor set on my crusader with captain crimson belt and pants.
I’m running bracer of fury, shield of fury, hellfire amulet, band of whispers (not attached to), and convention of elements for non set items.
Gems are: moratorium, Gem of efficacious toxin, and pain enhancer. I am leveling: molten wild beasts gizzard, esoteric alteration, and mutilation guard.
Cube powers are:fate of the fell, St. Archews gloves, and ring of royal grandeur.
I’m on GR 68 and I am just barely beating the rifts under 14 mins, which obviously isn’t great. My damage output is in the Mid to high B’s so I don’t need more damage. My issue is that I’m squishy AF. Like I die so often that I have to b to repair my gear.
Do you have suggestions as to what I add to fix my Uber squishiness? I generally try to not look things up for video games but I’m at a loss
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2021.10.27 18:57 ForeverWise340 Shiba getting stronger

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