Does anyone have a link for the discord?

2021.09.26 01:54 BitchyBird Does anyone have a link for the discord?

Unfortunately everything I find in the video descriptions seems to be expired
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2021.09.26 01:54 1jkohl0678 what was a video game you played that really got you hooked on gaming?

Mine was probably super smash bros brawl for the wii classic.
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2021.09.26 01:54 bizbor What's with the incredibly loud bass?

Anyone know the source of the periodic incredibly loud thumping bass sounds? I've walked more than 4 blocks from my house, and it's just as loud and I still can't even determine which direction it' coming from. I assume a PA system of some sort. Any guesses?
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2021.09.26 01:54 TrapRunner34 Reflex

I bought this g&g mp5 about a year ago i’ve bought a sling and flashlight for it and was just considering maybe buying a reflex sight or something for it and was wondering where the best place to buy on would be or if i even should buy one.
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2021.09.26 01:54 4domas Reality

I can change reality It’s malleable, can’t you see? From what we call the apple tree We created gravity
If this is all a TV show Then I can take most any blow I can change my role on the fly And cheer me on, my oh my!
I’ll tell myself I’ll never hide And take on life with playful stride Surfing on a turbulent tide Get ready, cruel world, I’m ready to ride!
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2021.09.26 01:54 Lan7009 Small Caps is pointless.

There's no point. Just like there's no point to me repeating my title again in this body. If I am wrong, for gods sake somebody please explain the point to me.
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2021.09.26 01:54 419_216_808 Any ADHD pregnant mommas taking vyvanse or other meds?

I went off mine when we were trying and now I’m 18+5 and it takes me a week or longer to get stuff done that used to take a day. I have an irrational fear about going back on my meds but at least made an appointment with my psychiatrist for the first week of Nov (soonest he was available). Anyone currently on adhd meds having a healthy pregnancy would be reassuring . Thanks!
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2021.09.26 01:54 Soulxc I need help with my RAM to run properly on my Ryzen 7 2700x

I have the Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 GB 2 stick module and my ryzen 7 2700x seems to have issues running it at rated speeds with the xmp profile.
Even if i set the ram at 3200 and let the system do the timings on its own i still crash after a bit of gaming. The ram runs at 1.35V as Corsair says its the tested voltage that should work.
I really dont know what i need to do here
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2021.09.26 01:54 flowingmelody His thoughts shifted prematurely to Halloween.

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2021.09.26 01:54 OmarAFouad [VEGAS 13] After I render, volume levels are so inconsistent, keep getting higher and lower as it pleases.

The audio file is fine, and when i'm editing, it's fine too and the volume levels are perfect. But after i rendered, the rendered video is totally messed up when it comes to audio. Gets noticeably louder, then a few seconds later noticeably quieter, then goes back up, like a rollercoaster. It wasn't like that back in the day when i used to use it too, but now i'm back to it, and im editing my second video with it and both videos had this issue. I lived with it with the first video but didnt think it would happen again because it never happened before. Am I doing anything wrong? I'd be ready offer any information needed.

Sony Vegas 13 pirated, intel i3, windows 10
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2021.09.26 01:54 femora484 Corinthiano descobrindo que o Roger Guedes não é craque.

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2021.09.26 01:54 PhilD424 XookToken - Fair Launching Now! Bumping it’s way up through to the moon! BNB Rewards. 5% Refelection. The next 1000x Coin has arrived! ✅SAFU. Auto LP. Based Dev! Anti Whale! Join the TG: u/XookToken

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🥞 PancakeSwap (V2):

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2021.09.26 01:54 LizziPizzo Our new baby, Stuart ❤️ He's such a sweetie!

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2021.09.26 01:54 Maxessy18 Question about legendary bounties

Is there a cool down before you can do another legendary bounty? Sorry if it’s a dumb question but I’m new to RDO and just bought and finished my first bounty. Thanks!
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2021.09.26 01:54 PokingSmoles Spotted at Starbucks in Edina Minnesota

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2021.09.26 01:54 throwaway240615 is it time to break up?

me n my boyfriend have been together for 2 years now, its pretty serious and i believe that we both love each other. the thing is, ive been feeling rlly off for the past few weeks, i feel like my bf, not like he doesnt care but its like he just doesnt feel the need to put in effort. we r in the same hs rn but we planned on changing schools together, its been a month now and he still didnt do anything towards the idea (didnt inform the school or his parents, has no idea where he wants to go etc) so i figured out that he simply changed his mind and im okay with that, just not okay with the fact that he keeps lying ab it, telling me that hes going to this and that while doing absolutely nothing. the thing is, our school's tough rn, we have lessons everyday 7-16/4pm so its hard to ever hang out after school and when we do well, i dont blame him but my bf is either too tired to do anything or is in a bad mood. n this is where the issue starts, we struggle to spend time together because we r either not in the mood or dont have time for it, but whenever theres a chance my bf doesnt imply the idea, he simply hops on discord to talk with his friends. its just tiring at this point, he sits there all afternoon and all evening, often even all night. sometimes texts me back or sends me a tiktok but thats it, no calls, no hanging out. whenever hes with me it feels like im forcing him to hang out, hes moody, he takes a nap randomly, doesnt want to do a single thing, just lay in bed on his phone or whatever. hes a good guy, he treats me well, doesnt text other girls but i just want him to make me laugh sometimes, i just want him to be my best friend again. i feel like an annoying mom asking him all these questions ab his day or even week n him responding with 'nothing much'. i feel like this post is rlly childish but im going to a new school, im going to repeat my freshman year, i have anxiety and live in a toxic household, im already in so much stress and im just scared that continuing this relationship will only make my mental state worse. but i feel like i just cant leave, i feel like him not wanting to spend time with me is just my imagination. i told him ab this since i focus a lot on communication but he just said that he does want to talk with me he just doesnt have anything to say and that we have nothing to do together. he doesnt have anything to say yet he spends hours a day with his friends on discord calls, yea. not to mention that his friends r not that respectful towards me, and he doesnt feel like doing anything ab it. i feel embarrassed every time one of his friends attacks me and he pretends like he didnt see the insults in chat. when it comes to not caring theres a big issue with him.. he doesnt clean his room, like at all, i buy presents for him like souvenirs from vacations or just yk birthday stuff, plushies, lego sets, jewerly, its all on the floor, mixed with food, dirty clothes, dishes, towels, theres everything in that room and whenever i ask him to please clean up a little bit he throws a huge fit, i worse than a 12 year old, i thought maybe he doesnt feel okay now, maybe he has no motivation and asked if i can clean it for him, the reaction was even worse, its the same with his health, i really love him the way he is but drinking energy drinks and cola every single day, scraching his acne till his face starts to bleed and smoking a pack a day isnt good for him, whenever i mention it he turns the convo around and attacks me. i dont know what to do, i love him, i want to spend time with him and just be happy yk, i cant imagine him with someone else, i want to make him happy and bring everything thats positive into his life but it feels like he just doesnt want it. he says he does, but his actions just prove that he doesnt care that much. we have a past of him being abusive towards me but we moved on from that stage and im rlly happy bc of that, we grew a lot together and im extremely attached to him, i have no idea how im supposed to be able to live without him but i feel like i might have to prepare myself for it. he already doesnt want to spend time with me and adding the school change into this, we'll probably barely get a chance to see each other and im not into edating when hes 30 mins away, just too lazy to go outside. i tried everything, talking ab it, distancing, encouraging him to do stuff. i thought he wasnt doing well, i thought he might be depressed, doesnt clean, care ab his health or grades, untill i heard him on discord, playing games, laughing for hours, hes completely different than when hes with me. i feel like im the problem, like i expect too much and like im crazy n making this up. can anyone help me
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2021.09.26 01:54 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.26 01:54 HangingGlory HELP - Trouble making friends, how can I find a friend group/social circle?

For the record, all classes are in-person. Nothing is online.
I'm a 1L and we're just about to start the fourth week of first year law. I'm having trouble finding friends and a social circle to regularly hang out with. It seems that a fair chunk of students have already found theirs but I have not yet found mine. I am acquainted with quite a few people who sit around me in my classes and we're on friendly terms and talk, but some of them seem quite distant outside of class.
Basically I'm just worried I'll continue the rest of my 1L being isolated and not having friends or a group. How can I make friends and find my circle? I really need help.
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2021.09.26 01:54 jongr67 Olentangy river brewing company

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2021.09.26 01:54 FDasH8 Kay Hansen

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2021.09.26 01:54 404mtw 21 [M4R] #Lawrenceville - Need my dick sucked after midnight

22, 5’9, hispanic, lean, 6in uncut hard dick. Haven’t done anything with a guy yet but I’m down to get head. Must be nearby or mobile and be available after midnight
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2021.09.26 01:54 landsharkitect 69

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2021.09.26 01:54 568335 Had to pick this up for obvious reasons... anybody here tried it

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2021.09.26 01:54 I_Enjoy_Taffy Dear Evan Hansen

what the fuck did I just watch?
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2021.09.26 01:54 rivereclipse YA novel with a female protagonist who has a mechanical wolf companion and is also a demigod

Been trying to find this book again for years. it's a Ya novel with a female protagonist. the cover features a dirt covered and ragged girl with her mechanical wolf companion. I can't fully recall the story but Ill do my best.
they live in a post apocalypse with magic powers. there are gods, the leader of the main city is a god but he eventually gets replaced by a love interest of the MC, he gets the powers of the god but loses all his memories accept for like god stuff but he still likes her.
her brother worked security for a brothel before being kidnapped by the villain and gets brainwashed and they have a dramatic duel in the academy type place he got sent.
I remember a line very specifically that goes like "It's Ironic that you've been fed by Famine right?" said by Famine, a god.
there is a cult that gained magic powers by eating the cursed dirt that basically covers a lot of the world I think?
also the MC is the daughter of Kronos god of time and has time powers and stuff.
again I've been looking for this book for years so I'd appreciate anything y'all can do
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