Say it again, Arizona!

2021.09.26 01:33 Thetimmybaby Say it again, Arizona!

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2021.09.26 01:33 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.26 01:33 rosebeautyyy On a good luck streak🤩🤩

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2021.09.26 01:33 TheRSSBot Doctor hopes buttons worn by health care workers will encourage vaccination in Toronto shelters

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2021.09.26 01:33 cerebralrocks CRM analysis

Hey guys. I have recently made a career pivot to data analysis and landed a job as a crm analyst for a big retail chain a few months ago. I was asked to do an analysis to investigate why the store sales in one of the states has gone down.
I have already looked at basket value and the growth rate of people joining rewards and loyalty program every month. It doesn’t tell much of a story, is there any other metric I should be looking at?
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2021.09.26 01:33 PopRevolutionary1475 Should we make a express stop at 51 St on Lexington Ave like we did for 59 St?

I find it interesting that 59 St has a express stop but not 51 St, which has a transfer point to the EM.
Does anyone think 51 St on the lower needs a express tracks?
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2021.09.26 01:33 ComiX-Fan Kieron Gillen returns to X-Men comics in 2022?

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2021.09.26 01:33 Upbeat_Jellyfish8919 Is my partner an alcoholic?

They have had a DWI in the past and just recently got off probation, finished paying their lawyer and got their license back. I have caught them drinking while driving many times in the past year. It makes me incredibly upset because it is so dangerous for the people on the road and themself. I cannot understand why they keep doing it. Their argument every time is that they are still ok to drive while slurring their words. I am at my wits end and do not know what to do.
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2021.09.26 01:33 Tossit4223 BBL Bruising

Just had my first treatment at Ideal Image. I have had this done 5 years ago in a derm office with no issues. This time not so much! 7 hours later I look like I went a few rounds with Ronda Rousey. Puffy under the eyes and bruised. Is this normal or it is the because of the fast food of laser treatment provider I went to?
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2021.09.26 01:33 MrSilverWolf_ This count? Letourneau 2594 “Log stacker”

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2021.09.26 01:33 InternationalForm3 Master Sushi Chef "Noz" Wants to Transport His Diners to Japan — Omakase

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2021.09.26 01:33 scootychip What is the title of this Miro painting?

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2021.09.26 01:33 onlybiscuitsandgravy Awwww 🍼

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2021.09.26 01:33 thequeenbeav Gospel Topics Essays

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2021.09.26 01:33 accerack Looking for a White make with a big cock to fuck my wife

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2021.09.26 01:33 Available-Energy4053 Ring is the solid pink from What the Check with Cannes-Fetti doubled, rest are Key West is Best under Trend Spotted and Plaid About You

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2021.09.26 01:33 eternityobssecion yuki neko showing intelligence in getting his toy [smart cats, gatos inteligentes]

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2021.09.26 01:33 HobbesAllMighty Oh no

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2021.09.26 01:33 WrestleNova WWE Used Jonathan Coachman To Drive Up Value Of Their Television Contracts

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2021.09.26 01:33 wanna-taco-bao-it Is there a reason someone would drive with their seat almost horizontal?

This feels so stupid but I want to know if anyone would understand why a person might drive with their seat almost horizontal? An older man (90s) reversed into me today and when I got out to speak to him he was honestly nearly lying flat, I have no idea how he could see over the wheel of out of his mirrors. When he got out he also looked like he couldn't walk very well so not sure if that might have something to do with it?
It's really thrown me, thanks in advance!
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2021.09.26 01:33 tpcguts What makes a GREAT Digimon series?

I'm bored so I've been thinking about some of the reasons why certain seasons of Digimon is so fondly remembered, while others aren't. It's pretty much agreed by most fans that the first 3 season of Digimon represented the peak of the franchise, and the franchise haven't reached those peaks in years if not decades.
While it's a good thing every new series of Digimon tries something new, I think Digimon is a franchise that many writers are finding it hard to figure out why the first 3 season were such huge success. Even a director in charge of continuing the original 2 series stories, namely Tri seems to have failed to grasp the reasons for success.
So here's some of my reasons:

  1. The bond between kids and Digimon
Unlike Pokemon, Digimon is really all about the bonds between human kids and their Digimon partner. While the idea of bonds between trainer and Pokemon is something that has become a part of the franchise with mega-evolution, it's an idea that is a fundamental part of Digimon first and foremost.
Pokemon is all about collecting them all, and building a good team to win matches. But Digimon is first and foremost about having just one Digimon and learning to bond with them. Its origins lies in V-Pets, where people are supposed to raise them up from birth. How your Digimon evolve in its original incarnation really depends on how well you took care of it.
Hence the reason why seasons where those bonds being central to the plot simply do not do well with the fans and general audience alike. Frontier made the mistake of allowing humans to transform into Digimon, and forgot what made Digimon so special as a franchise in the first place. Xros Wars focused too much on the "collect them all", making it more about collecting all the Digimons rather than focusing on how the bond between human and their Digimon partner can allow both to become stronger.
While the reboot does reintroduce this concept back to the franchise, it has its problems which leads me to point number 2.

2. It's about kids learning and growing
Tying Digimon's evolution to the kids inner strengths is perhaps the best idea the original writers came up with. It turns a game mechanic/plot device (digivolution) into a vehicle for character growth. It creates an actual sense of adventure and journey for the kids as they themselves evolve and change as the story develop. The best Digimon seasons are not just about how the Digimon got stronger, but also how the kids themselves become stronger and better.
And this is why some season doesn't stick as strongly as others. The 2020 reboot and Xros Wars falls into a trap of not giving the main kids much room to grow. Certain characters are literally too perfect for there to be any real character growth. The end result is while you get to see how the Digimon unlock more digivolution with each episode, the kids practically stayed where they were before.
Whereas the reason the OG adventure managed to have appeal beyond its original season was because the kids have grown up and we want to see more of how they are like as older versions of themselves. It creates long-lasting appeal.
Even Tamers that did not get a sequel series always have demands by fans to see a sequel, simply because its character developed and grow with the series. There is a hunger for more of those characters as they become "alive" in the eyes of the fans. And being alive brings me to my 3rd point.
3. Relating the story to actual kids
Many stories aimed at kids is often trying to appeal to kids' desire to emulate what they see on screen. Kids want to be superheroes, ninjas and wizards because they look cool on screen.
But that's not possible with Digimon, because the core appeal is not about being Digimon but rather being a partner to a Digimon. I think many adult fans of Digimon all hope that one day we can have our Digimon partner as well.
Hence in order to relate the story to kids and engage with them, the best Digimon series tries to make the kids feel "real". It reduces the barrier of entry of having a Digimon partner to the kids watching the show. No, you don't have to be a super-awesome kids to have a Digimon partner. Any kid can have a Digimon partner no matter who you are, what your "flaws" are and etc.
Hence making the kids in the show feel "alive" with flaws and etc actually does a great job of relating the story to kids. Do you cry often? That's not going to stop you from having a Digimon partner. Are you clumsy? Not going to stop you from having a Digimon partner.
But what the first 3 season went above and beyond is to show kids with family situations of their own. We as kids saw how the kids on screen have actual parents they have to deal with. Going around in a magical land saving the world does not prevent you from having to deal with your parents in different ways. And having parents be such a pivotal part of the show reinforce the idea that the people we are seeing on screen are kids and aren't too different from the actual viewers of the show.

This is just some of my reasons why I think some seasons of Digimon does better than others. It's something that is missing far too often in later seasons of Digimon, and as a result, they simply don't quite capture the attention of people as well as the first 3 seasons of Digimon did.
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2021.09.26 01:33 smtelitist How do you go about finding more info about niche kits?

I was going through pictures of some Evangelion kits, and i found this picture of all the evangelion kids in plugsuits. Ive seen all of these before except the kensuke, and ive been trying to track down more information about him all day. The watermark in the bottom was just from the forum it was reposted to, i cant find the original post with it. Part of me thinks that it was customized from another kit to be kensuke but the posing seems too unique. All the figures in the pic (besides hikari) are manufactured by kurushima and sculpted by katayama hiroki. The style of the kensuke seems almost identical to the other ones, so i think it was sculpted by hiroki as well.
It seems impossible that theres literally no other information on this kit online!! Im so desperate to find him cuz hes my favorite eva character.
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2021.09.26 01:33 callofmc Whose coming with me to kill Tony Elliot

I'll bring the pitchforks!
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2021.09.26 01:33 WrestleNova AEW Talent Undergoes Foot Surgery

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2021.09.26 01:33 rCTAbot Rail: Red Line Delays (Minor Delays)

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